Monday, May 31, 2010

My Food Issues

I believe we all have issues surrounding food. Because it is our longest and most intimate relationship, these issues run deep. I was the third of four children. In a household where there was not always very much to go around, we tended to get a little territorial about some things. One of these was food. I remember labeling our names on containers of dinner leftovers so that no one else would eat what we claimed.
Even though I have done so much personal work, I recently noticed myself operating in the old mentality of "lack" and "not having enough". Yikes!
I'm embarrassed to admit that sometimes I don't want to share my food with my friends. While this is not usually the case, I had this feeling twice in the past several weeks. I decided it was time to get real with myself and dig deeper. Why was I triggered when my friend took a second helping of my "precious salad greens" that had come from my organic farm? I wanted to share them with her, but I also watched myself grow annoyed when she took more even though I had offered more to her. These were my greens for the whole week and I couldn't just get more at a grocery store. These greens came from my CSA. They were special and irreplaceable.
I'm embarrassed to admit that I still have somewhere inside of me a belief in lack. There's not enough to go around. I'm scared to let go. What if I don't have enough? At the end of the week, of course, I was still well fed and I indeed did have enough and more to spare. I know that my food issues are reflective of other scenarios in my life. If I'm feeling a certain way about food, chances are I'm feeling this same way about other events in my life. Now my work is to examine those areas and heal that perceived lack in my life.

Our food issues always are connected to who we perceive ourselves to be. Who you are as an eater is reflective of who you are in life. The next time your food issue rears its beautiful head, take notice of what it is REALLY about and dig deep within to heal the true issue. Suddenly the food issue is gone and you find joy!