Saturday, October 27, 2007


“I am the Bread of Life” ~John 6:48

What is your bread? What are you passionate about? What lights your fire? What drives you? What nourishes and sustains you? Is it food? Is it your yoga practice? Is it simply your love of life?

“Man does not live by bread alone” ~Matthew 4:4

Do you have more than one avenue to recharge? If you put all your energy and passion into one thing, do you have more than one way to rebuild your energy? What you put out in life can also be what fuels you. In other words, to be in complete alignment, the things you are passionate about should also be the things that give energy back to you. Your work, your relationships, your food, and your yoga practice should all be areas where you gain a return on your investment. If you are constantly giving out without receiving, you will eventually end up drained. It is helpful to have more than one option for re-fueling.

While I am fueled by food that is nourishing for me, I am also fueled by my work, spending time in nature, meditation, and receiving acupuncture treatments. I know that to maintain balance I need multiple avenues and ways to recharge. Although I am putting time and energy into each thing, I am choosing to invest in a focused way in those things that give me back the most return. Receiving a large return for my investments is not about greed. It is about doing my work on this earth for the benefit of all. What are you choosing? Where are you investing your time and energy?

“Milk and honey are under your tongue” ~Song of Songs 4:11

What foods are you passionate about? What foods are fun for you? Which ones give you energy? Personally, this changes with the seasons and the weather. For example, I found myself becoming ecstatic about leafy green vegetables this spring. At the time of this writing, tomatoes from Pennypack Farm in Horsham are giving me a thrill! I just can’t compare the empty taste of a grocery store tomato (that has been gassed to ripen it), to the full, rich taste of a tomato straight from the vine to my mouth. I’m looking forward to cooler weather where I imagine more beans, root vegetables, and soups in my diet.

I am passionate about more than food, however. I am excited about taking exceptionally good care of myself. I nourish my spirit more than once a day. I am active and physically fit. I love my career. I have amazing friends in my circle. All of these avenues feed and energize me. What energizes you? I have a CHALLENGE for you. How many different ways can you find to take care of yourself? How many avenues of recharging can you build into your life? Just as there are many kinds and flavors of bread, so there are many ways to administer self-care. Where do you get your metaphorical bread? What is your “bread of life?”

“What is man that you care for him?” ~Psa1m 144:3

As human beings we are meant to consume nourishing foods. We are meant to take care of ourselves. We are meant to be connected to nature, our food, and to each other. So, while food is part of sustaining our beings, there is a much bigger picture. As you care for yourself you are then equipped to care for others. You can only love someone else as much as you love yourself. This is why self-care and eating well are so critical. Human beings are a small part of the picture, but a very important part. I encourage you to find the “bread” of your life. Ignite passion and energy in WHO you are. You are here for an important reason, so fan the flame and shine your Light!

I have reiterated the same thing in several ways. The bottom line is self-care and nourishment. When you are looking at food, choose the best quality possible. When you are looking at your job, find something that is in alignment with your purpose in this world. When you are investing in relationships, choose those people that you know you can help and that can support you. When you connect with God, find ways that give you the strongest and deepest connection. When you nourish yourself, find as many ways as possible to love and care for yourself. You ARE worth it, and your life IS important.

Blessings, Susie

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