Saturday, October 27, 2007

The TRUTH about FOOD

What’s your truth? In the nutrition world, truth is subjective. Some people like to look at numbers and say that we need so many grams of protein per day or that one food is better because it has fewer calories. Numbers are everywhere- we look at the scale, grams of fat, calories per serving, and on and on. What do numbers tell us about how the food is nourishing us? Nothing! So much information and misinformation is out there, that most of us have become quite confused about what to eat! The truth is that there is no ONE WAY of eating that works for everyone. To find your truth, you must become more in touch with your body and food. How is this done?

Eat more organic food. The toxins in our food supply tend to muddle our brains. Pesticides and other toxins can cause “fuzzy thinking”, which takes us away from being in tune with how our body responds to food. For example, if you have a food sensitivity or allergy, how do you know if your allergy is truly from the food or from a pesticide or worse yet because you are allergic to the food due to genetic modification? (Watch “The Future of Food” for more on genetic modification.) Eating pure foods allow us to be more in tune with how our body responds to them.

Eat simply and eat more whole foods. Processed foods cause us to be scattered and unclear in our thinking and way of being. Cooking simply is easy- vegetables do not take long to prepare! The more complex our food, the more complex we become. By the same token, simple foods lead to simple thoughts and quieter minds.

Eat quietly. When you eat, spend time with your food. Instead of watching TV or multi-tasking when you eat, really focus on chewing and experiencing your food. You will start to taste the flavors and experience the textures in new and vibrant ways when you pay attention to what you eat! Paying attention is one of the first steps in discovering your truth about what food feels right in your body.

Eat with gratitude. Take time to thank the heavens and earth for supplying you with nourishment. When you eat with a full heart, your spirit and physical body receive more nourishment. You become clearer about what foods work well in your body.

Finding your truth with food is a journey. Enjoy the process of self-discovery and find someone who can guide you while you search for your truth with food. We all need mentors and guides when it comes to meeting our spiritual and emotional growth needs. The same holds true for our development with food and finding what works best for us.

In closing, rather than reading a myriad of books on nutrition, you can experiment with your body and food. Try some or all of the four suggestions above. Tune into your body’s responses and take notes. Mind knowledge can become confusing when it comes to nutrition. Body knowledge is much more empowering and helps you to find your own truth about food.

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