Thursday, May 29, 2008


My Top Tips-

  1. Recognize that making changes is a process- go at your own pace.
  2. Get clear about your priorities. Discuss with your spouse and children what they want and need. Maybe you want to eat healthier, but your kids want to play outside more. Make sure everyone’s voice is heard, and then create a plan together that includes a balance of physical activity, nutrition, family time, self-care, and career.
  3. Lead by example. Take responsibility for your own health. Your actions send a very loud message to the rest of your family.
  4. Get support. Tell your girlfriends what you are up to. If your significant other is not interested, find someone who is and share your successes with them. Hire a health counselor or someone else who can help you.
  5. Make one manageable change at a time. Once you have a plan in place, you may be tempted to move forward full-throttle. The best way to achieve sustained changes, however, is to integrate them into your lifestyle one step at a time until they become consistent.

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