Monday, August 18, 2008

Get it Now

You are amazing. Do you get it? No, I mean really. Do you get how amazing you truly are? If you did, you would make smart choices in your life. You would take care of yourself exceptionally well. You would not take crap from anyone. You would stand up for yourself, even when it's really hard... especially when it's really hard. You would feed your temple with fresh, organic food whenever possible. You would do the things you love as often as possible.
What will it take for you to get it?
Please, don't wait until tragedy strikes or health issues overwhelm. Get it now. Open your heart to yourself and believe that you are worthy and deserving to have abundant health, regardless of your age or current state of health. Your deserve to have a life you are excited to live!
Start claiming your health by making one small change at a time. Start right now.

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