Saturday, February 7, 2009

Rediscover Peppermint!

The following information is from Young Living's newsletter...

Young Living's peppermint is a must-have for every home and is the ideal essential oil for pampering! One of our most versatile oils, we've dedicated February to rediscovering its many uses.

Whether you want to experience the cooling sensation of menthol on overworked muscles, enjoy an invigorating foot scrub, or soothe an upset stomach, peppermint essential oil can help! Here are a few quick and easy ways to incorporate peppermint into your daily routine:

* Add a drop to herbal tea to help aid in digestion.
* Massage several drops on the abdomen, place a drop on the tip of the tongue or wrists, or inhale to soothe minor stomach discomfort associated with travel.
* Combine with lavender essential oil for a soothing and invigorating body, neck, or foot massage.

Our peppermint essential oil comes from the most potent plants around the globe—some is even grown on Young Living farms—and is tested to ensure proper levels of menthol and menthone are in every bottle.

But there's more to Young Living Therapeutic Grade™ peppermint than just finding the best plants. The secret is in expert harvesting practices. Peppermint is harvested when the field's overall appearance goes from light to dark green. The growers make sure the plant has just started to bloom before the peppermint is cut, and then water is carefully measured prior to distillation to ensure the most potent constituents are steam-extracted.

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